Open Seminar

제34회 KSEA Chicagoland Open Seminar 

KSEA Chicagoland Open Seminar는 다양한 분야의 연사를 통해 연구를 소개하고, 회원들에게 도움을 줄수있는 정보를 주기위한 프로그램 입니다. 이번 세미나에서는 FDA에서 Clinical Pharmacology Reviewer로 계시는 유종우(Chongwoo Yu) 박사님이 FDA관련 career로 이야기 해줄실 예정입니다. 이에 앞서 포닥/대학원생들의 포스터 프리젠테이션도 진행하고, Best Poster award도 준비할 예정입니다. 관심있는 분들과 현재 관련 전공분야의 여러분들의 참여를 부탁드립니다.

The KSEA Chicagoland Open Seminar is a program to introduce research through speakers from various fields and provide helpful information to members. In this seminar, Dr. Chongwoo Yu, a Clinical Pharmacology Reviewer at the FDA, will talk career at the FDA. Before this, we plan to hold poster presentations by postdoc/graduate students and the Best Poster award. We ask for the participation of those who are interested and those currently in related fields of study. 

Title of the presentation: Career at FDA 


Bio sketch: Highly motivated clinical pharmacologist with expertise in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Extensive experience in carrying out various types of drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and drug-drug interaction studies using mass spectrometry during drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Possesses extensive regulatory experience as a master clinical pharmacology reviewer conducting regulatory reviews of INDs, NDAs, and BLAs at the U.S. FDA. Evaluates and recommends/sets policy for the areas including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug metabolism, drug interaction, bioanalysis, and bioequivalence.


KSEA Chicagoland Chapter President: Seungwon Chung (AbbVie Inc.)