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In 1973, Over 100 Science and Engineering field scientists from the Midwest area had their first organization meeting at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Over 45 years Chicagoland led many activities in the Midwest area, especially, Chicago, Chicago suburb areas. The activities include public Open Seminars, NMSC, Summer Science Camp, Career Development Day, Summer Picnic and Membership Drive, Mentoring Program for High school students, Collaboration meeting with the Korean American Society on Biotech and Pharmaceuticals (KASBP) Illinois chapter, Mentoring with YG, Year-End Party, and Scholarship program for High School Seniors and Undergraduate Students, Midwest conference, UKC, etc.

2024 KSEA Election Results Announcement

The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) is pleased to announce the results of its 2024 general election. The ballot counting took place at the Election Committee and KSEA HQ meeting on April 13, 2024. All ballots have been counted according to the rules that were pre-established by the Election Committee, and no election-related irregularities were found.


Voting Results:


The newly elected officers and councilors are:


53rd President-Elect (54th    President): Jae Hyeon Ryu, University of Idaho


53rd    Vice President 1: Ohbong Kwon, New York City College of Technology of CUNY


53rd Vice President 2: Jayoung Kim, Thermo Fisher Scientific


Auditor: Soolyeon Cho,  North Carolina State University


Technical Councilor Group B-3: In Hyun Park, Yale University


Technical Councilor Group C-4: Sungwoo Nam, University of California, Irvine 


Technical Councilor Group C-5: JuHyeong Ryu, West Virginia University


Technical Councilor Group C-7: Sam Chung, City University of Seattle


KSEA Bylaws Amendment has been approved (80.46% approval of total voted members)

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