제 1회 KSEA Chicagoland 청소년 겨울 과학캠프

제 1회 KSEA Chicagoland 청소년 겨울 과학캠프

  • 대상학년:         4-10th Grade Students
  • 총 참가자 수:   30 명 선착순
  • 참가비:            총 $50  (with $30 reimbursement after attending)
  • When:              December 21, 2020 (MONDAY) 10 AM (CDT)
  • Where:             On-line (TBD)
  • Schedule:

9:45 Zoom meeting check
10:00 ~10:20 Introduction
10:20 ~ 11:40 Session 1
11:40 ~ 12:40 Lunch
12:40 ~ 2:00 Session 2
2:00 ~ 2:10 Break
2:10 ~ 3:30 Session 3
3:30 ~3:40 Closing

  • 강사: 박규철(Northwestern Univ.), 홍석훈(IIT), 정승원(AbbVie)

정승원: molecular model

홍석훈: Bacterial detection and/or drawing

박규철: Kitchen Science

  Registration accepted by November 30, 2020.  이후 참가시 재료 배송이 늦어질 수 있습니다.


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Update: 2020 NMSC Math Competition

2020 KSEA Math Competition Poster updated
NMSC Public Statement

  • Exam Fee: free who registered earlier. NO new registration available for this exam
  • Exam Date & Time: December 12(4th to 7th grade) (SATURDAY) Asynchronous Exam.
  • Exam Date & Time: December 13(8th to 11th grade) (SUNDAY) Asynchronous Exam.
  • Schedule:

00:01AM-11:59 PM(CST) both days

4th to 8th grade 60 min. no bathroom break

9th to 11th grade 75 min. no bathroom break

Optional proctoring provided by KSEA HQ (1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, both days), those who can’t make either of the days or no parents/guardian to the proctor.

Send the email by Dec. 11th (Fri)to nmsc@ksea.org if you need the service .



No ceremony after the exam.

KSEA Chicagoland award ceremony will be Online on 12/19/2020(Sat) after the national ceremony

KSEA Chicagoland NMSC Award
1st Place $100
2nd Place $50
3rd Place $20

All participants will get the Certificate via Online

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The 3rd KSEA Chicagoland Mentoring Program for High School Students, 2020-2021

고등학생들이 학교 커리큘럼 과정 이외의 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) 과 관련된 연구 프로젝트에 참여할 수 있는 기회는 상당히 제한되어 있습니다. 실제 전공분야에 대한 경험없이 대학 진학시 전공을 선택해야하는 모순적인 상황을 극복하는데 도움이 되고자 저희 재미과학기술자협회 시카고 지부에서 2018년 부터 미주 한인 고등학생들을 위한 멘토 프로그램을 제공하고 있습니다. 저희 지부에는 국립연구소 및 대학, 회사 등 다양한 분야에 있는 전문가들이 멘토로서 활동하고 계십니다. 이전 2번의 멘토링 프로그램을 무사히 마치고, 올해 제3회 멘토프로그램을 위한 새로운 고등학교 학생을 모집하오니 아래 RSVP 링크를 통하여 많은 신청 부탁 드립니다. 신청서 마감일은 2020년 10월 9일 입니다. 올해는 코로라 바이러스 전염병으로 인하여, 모든 관련 프로그램은 온라인으로 진행될 예정입니다. 많은 성원 부탁 드립니다.

Unfortunately, many of high school students do not have enough chance to learn STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related projects before University. Such limited opportunities make difficult to determine their career paths in a proper way. From this point of view, since 2018, KSEA Chicagoland (Korean-American Scientist and Engineers Association) has been providing a mentoring program designated for Korean high school student in US. This mentoring program is aiming for developing high school student’s understanding on STEM fields and utilizing their abilities to find and solve a problem. Our mentors have a variety of expertise and long-term experience on the STEM fields. In the previous programs, twenty high school students successfully completed projects and properly delivered their final reports. We are now accepting applications for the 3rd 2020-2021 KSEA Chicagoland Mentoring program for High School students. Please refer the materials via the below links to learn more about the program and mentors. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, all 2020-2021 programs will be carried out via on on-line platform.

*멘토링 프로그램에 관하여, 추가적인 지원 관련 문의가 들어오는 관계로 10월 18일 일요일 저녁 11:59분까지 추가 지원을 받겠습니다. Dr. Michael Choi, Dr. Youngsoo Park, and Dr. Yongik Lee 은 많은 지원자로 인하여 더 이상 지원자를 받지 않습니다. 참조하여 주세요. 지원관련 문의는 zhsung19@gmail.com 으로 연락해 주세요.

Overview of KSEA Mentoring Program: presentation

Mentors list

  1. Michael Choi – Computer Science: presentation
  2. Seungwon Chung – Chemistry: presentation
  3. Dongwook Jang – Data Science: presentation
  4. Kyung Kim – Machine Learning: presentation
  5. Gwan Park – Digital Factory/Manufacturing: presentation
  6. Youngsoo Park – Robotics: presentation
  7. Zuhawn Sung – Physics/Material Science: presentation
  8. Hoichang Lee – Reproductive Biology: presentation
  9. Taeyoon Kim – Astrophysics/Quantum Computing: presentation
  10. Yongik Lee – Pharmaceutical Sciences: presentation
  11. DongHyun Kim – Biomedical Engineering: presentation
  12. Gloria Kim – Though Leadership Through Writing

The final report of 2019-2020 Program

How to apply:

Fill out the form from the below link to apply for the program.


The application will be closed at 11:59pm, October 9, 2020 (CDT).

Please contact thru KSEA-Chicagoland (https://chicagoland.ksea.org/home/) if you have further questions.


Click this form link or scan the QR code

NMSC 2020: Notice of cancellation

NMSC 2020: Notice of cancellation

March 13, 2020

Dear NMSC Participants,

KSEA HQ has made the difficult decision, after careful consideration and comprehensive evaluation of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, to cancel the National Math and Science Competition (NMSC) 2020, originally scheduled on April 18. 2020.

KSEA has been closely monitoring the rapid domestic and worldwide COVID-19-related developments during the last several weeks. This decision was made with careful consideration of all potential factors impacting the participants and their families partaking in NMSC 2020.

The health and safety of all NMSC participants and chapter constituents are KSEA’s highest priorities. We believe the decision to cancel NMSC 2020 is the appropriate action to protect our NMSC participants from potential exposure to the coronavirus.

We thank all our KSEA members, participants, and parents for their patience and support at this time. NMSC registration fees will be fully refunded. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone impacted by this global health crisis.


Jun-Seok Oh

President of KSEA

National Math & Science Competition 2020

National Math & Science Competition 2020


Mathematics and Science are very important in our rapidly changing technological and scientific age. Proficiency in math and science is the gateway to all kinds of careers. The Korean-American Scientists & Engineers Association (KSEA) offers the National Mathematics & Science Competition (NMSC) to challenge and inspire students. The KSEA NMSC is also dedicated to elevate mathematical abilities, talents, and scientific innovation of all students. The KSEA NMSC is dedicated to the goal of fostering mathematical and scientific capabilities of all students.

Event Date: 04/18/2020, 1:00 PM (CDT)

Online registration: 02/03/20 ~ 04/16/20 (Registration)

Please note that registration cancellation and fee refund request will be accepted by  April 16th.

On-Site Registration available on 4/18/2019


  • Target:     4-12th Grade Students
  • When:      April 18, 2020 (Saturday) 1 PM CDT
  • Where:     Northwestern University Technological Institute, Room LR 3

2145 Sheridan Rd, Evanston, IL 60208

  • Parking:   Free parking is available on campus

(closest lot is #132 on the map – https://www.northwestern.edu/campus-life/visiting-campus/documents/evanston-parking-map.pdf )


Exam and Duration Math:
4-8 grades: 60 min with 30 questions
9-11 grades: 90 min with 30 questions
3-11 grades
8 mechanics and 4 electro-magnetism questions
9 – 12 grades: 75 min. with 12 questions
Exam Format & Sample Problems https://nmsc.ksea.org/Information.php

Seminars for parents will be held while students are taking the tests. Examples of seminar topics are university admission, careers in science and engineering, financial planning for college, introduction to KSEA, etc.


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